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1. A Brief Look at A Brief History of Time
A critique Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time"
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2. Astronomical Evidences for the God of the Bible
Astronomers have discovered that the characteristics and parameters of the universe and our solar system are so finely tuned to support life that nothing less than a personal, intelligent Creator can explain the degree of fine-tuning. It requires power and purpose.
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3. Design and the Anthropic Principle
The "coincidental" values of the constants of physics and the parameters of the universe point to a designer who transcends the dimensions and limits of the physical universe.
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4. Fine-Tuning For Life In The Universe
For physical life to be possible in the universe, several characteristics must take on specific values, and given the intricacy of their interrelationships, the indication of divine "fine tuning" seems incontrovertible.
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5. Fine-Tuning for Life on Earth
A list of parameters of a planet, its planetary companions, its moon, its star, and its galaxy must have values falling within narrowly defined ranges for physical life of any kind to exist.
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6. New Astronomical Proofs for the Existence of God
The design characteristics of the universe reveal that anything but the slightest disturbance in the values for the four constants of physics and for more than a dozen parameters of the universe would yield a universe unsuitable to support life.
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7. Quantum Mechanics, a Modern Goliath
Quantum mechanics has been heralded by some theologians as "the greatest contemporary threat to Christianity." However, quantum mechanics are not a threat to the existence of the God of the Bible
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8. The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics
Far from being a 'modern Goliath' that challenges Christianity, quantum mechanics seems to provide as good a proof of God's existence as there is.
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